Sophia Bush Anderson


As a curious human, I am in constant exploration. Most of my work tackles the absurdity in poetry and spoken word while grounded in issues and topics related to the current climate crisis, mental health (specifically anxiety, anorexia and depression), body image, sexuality, gender, and spirituality. I write from my lived experiences and seek to create art that reflects these experiences with a deeper hope. My work tends to look at the things in between. That is, what lies between what’s being said and what’s not. What are the half truths, the almost’s and the just about's? I use dance and film to bring my written works to life.

I studied dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre formally, as well as with the Toronto Love In (Toronto, Canada), Social Growl (Toronto, Canada), Kalos Collective (Toronto, Canada), Dance Italia (Lucca, Italy), TransFormation (Montreal, Canada), and Tanzhaus (Zurich, Switzerland), to name a few.